St Peter’s is supporting the Link to Hope shoebox appeal again this year.

If you would like to make a box, explanatory leaflets can be accessed here as well as physical copies being available in Church. You have the option of making or contributing to a family or elderly box.

If you would like to support but cannot commit to a whole box, any separate items from the list can be taken to church or collected upon request enabling more boxes to be made. Alternatively you can give money so additional items can be bought.

We only have the month of October to do this as boxes / items need to be returned to church no later than Sunday 1st November.

There’s lots of information online at or you can speak to Di Webster on 0117 987 1459 or 07794 786409.

So many things have had to be scrapped this year but this is something we can do to help people in Eastern Europe who struggle in sometimes appalling conditions. Link to Hope is a Christian organisation but boxes are given to all in need regardless of background, colour, creed or religion. Many thanks in advance for your support.